The multitude of research possibilities results from the big number of resources to the history of population.  Archives and documents are listed in a regional order.
A special genealogic library covers besides important reference-books to the history and history of population of the Mark Brandenburg listings of church records of the whole German speaking region, review of the resources of archives in Germany and Poland, historical dictionaries and maps etc.

Click in the regions you are interested in and obtain a view of my archives.

Mark Brandenburg
             Index of colonists
Genealogic data base
             Kr. Landsberg/Warthe und Warthebruch
             Kr. Oststernberg
             Kr. Friedeberg, Netzebruch
Altmark und Sachsen-Anhalt

             Amt Dömitz
             Amt Eldena
             Amt Grabow

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The fee for one research hour is 30,- EUR. After information about the "dead points"  there will be given an estimate.

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