from Woxholländer, Kreis Landsberg/Warthe

Oldest known ancestor in the male line:
Friedrich Grüneberg,

* . . . about 1735,  † . . .,

Son: Friedrich Wilhelm Grüneberg,
owner in Woxholländer

* . . . about 1763,  † Woxholländer 27. 8. 1745

oo Woxholländer before 1791
 Moutoux, Johanne Sophie

In gold a blew left slanted wave beam accompanied above right by a hanging green mountain with three peaks, buttom left by a green twig of salix alba laid to the figure.

At the green-golden rolled helmet with green-golden covers a growing, red armed golden griffin, holding in it's claws a green book.

Newly accepted 1987 by the proposer Georg Grüneberg, master book printer in Lenzen (Elbe), for himself and the further descendants in the male line of the ancestor Friedrich Grüneberg (since 1774 in Woxholländer), as fare and as long as they go by the family name of the founder of the heraldic figure.

Design by the founder of the heraldic figure.Recorded by the "Herolds-Ausschuß der Deutschen Wappenrolle" on 5th August 1988. Number of the "Deutsche Wappenrolle" 8821/87.

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