Sources and documents about the history of the population of the Mark Brandenburg

volume 6: Georg Grüneberg

The Prignitz and its urban inhabitants in the 17th century
Havelberg, Kyritz, Lenzen, Perleberg, Pritzwalk, Wittstock

inventory of house owners 1610, 1635 and1654

inventory of house owners 1610, 1635 and 1654

inventory of house owners 1610, 1629, 1635 and 1654
"Bürgerbuch" (inventory of new residents) 1659-1686

inventory of house owners 1610, 1623, 1635 and 1648
"Bürgerbuch" (inventory of new residents) 1623-1750

inventory of house owners 1610, 1635, 1640 and 1654

inventory of house owners 1610 and 1623
church records 1630-1654, all family names with datas ordered alphabetically

In the inventories from 1648 and 1654 there are named the owner and the former owner of the houses. The "Buergerbuecher" of Lenzen and Perleberg have a special genealogic value because they contain besides place of birth or origin, occupation and details of the father of the new resident, the date of death together with the age and other information as when and where moved.
This is all the more important because the death records of Perleberg from 1654-1718 are missed till now.

It is for the first time that the urban population of a whole region (the Prignitz) is published for the time period before, during and after theThirty Years' War. Because there are only listings of names in this book there is no need of knowing German.

If you understand German, please read the more detailed German text.

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